Tangible Controllers

I prototyped a series of functional physical interfaces that communicate with other devices. I built these projects using Arduino microcontrollers (MKR1000, Micro, Uno, ESP8266), a variety of analog and digital sensors, and different data protocols (sACN/DMX, HID/USB, MIDI, TCP). Click on the images to learn more about each controller.

Magnet Switch Light Controller

Magnetic switches allow users to magically turn on/off and dim a grid of DMX lights based on the position of game pieces. Connects via WiFi.

Lunar Lander Game Controller

This plug and play controller connects via USB to give users precise control over their spaceship when playing Lunar Lander.

Pull Chain MIDI Instrument

Pull chains let users build sustained chords and a springy slider allows for pitch bend effects on any MIDI synth. Made in collaboration with Anthony Bui.

Ball Drop Game Controller

This WiFi connected game controller gives user more precision when moving their paddle vertically and horizontally in a multiplayer pong style game.