P Comp Final – Sound Tent – Final Documentation

We’ve finally wrapped everything up for finals and the show, so now I’ve gotten around to putting all the documentation together. Here’s a recap of the Sound Tent at the 2017 ITP Winter Show. Continue reading to see the details of our final results.

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Update to P Comp Final – Putting Everything Together

The last couple weeks have been dedicated to taking our breadboard prototype version of the Sound House and turning it into the actual piece. I’ll talk about the updated system diagram and BOM, the user testing from last week, and our progress with fabrication.

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ICM Final – Webcam Self-Portraits


Plz excuse the dead look in my eyes. It’s finals. Here are my questions for the class.

  1. How is interface of this website helping or hindering you from using it?
  2. In what ways do you feel this does or doesn’t capture your personality/identity?
  3. What would you do with the photos you save from this?
  4. How could this be more engaging and exciting for you?

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P Comp Final – Initial Project Plan

The concept for the final project is structure that is inspired by the branching design of a tree and creates sound and lights when the user touches it. Here is the cardboard model Brandon and I are planning to bring to class for play testing.

We are planning on letting the user approach the piece with the instruction to make sound. We will observe what the user expects to happen and how they react to what we designed for this interaction prototype. Read more to see our initial plan for completing the project.

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