TcFLEX-SOLO for SONOS Play:1 and Play:3

The TcFLEX-SOLO is a bracket designed to mount the Sonos Play:1 or Play:3 directly to the wall. This articulating bracket also allows the SONOS speaker to be mounted in either a horizontal or vertical position for optimal placement in any room. Unlike other competitors like Flexson and Cavus, the TcFLEX-SOLO conceals the outlet and power cord. The TcFLEX-SOLO was released in July 2016 and is available for purchase online at Leon Speakers for $95.

  1. Ideation - Sketch on paper and in SolidWorks
  2. Paper Prototypes - Make prototypes out of paper to test fit on SONOS Play:1 and Play:3
  3. Manufacturing Drawings - Prototype and final manufacturing drawings were modeled and drawn in SolidWorks (not shown).
  4. Sheet Metal Prototypes - The first prototype (left) was too bulky. Diagonal slots on the second version (center left) caused warping on edges during bending. Warping was grinded off on the third prototype (center right) in post-processing. The final design (right) has slots that are perpendicular to edges to eliminate warping and need for post-processing.

My Role - I was tasked to develop a low profile wall bracket that could fit both the SONOS Play:1 and Play:3, while concealing power cords and utilizing already in-stock parts. I did all design and validation on the sheet metal parts and the install instructions. To lower costs, I also simplified existing designs for the articulating mount parts.

Early SolidWorks iterations
Paper prototypes
Sheet Metal Prototypes