Sound Tent

Sound Tent is a playful, sensory space for two people to connect through interactions with sound and light. Upon entering from either side, they will find a musical interface in the center. Buttons create melodic sounds, similar to a piano, and the knobs control the other person's volume and octave. In the middle of the console, they can tap on capacitive touch pads to create percussive sounds. As the two users play together and create more sound, the lights around them get brighter.

Read more about the development and user testing process on my physical computing blog here.

My Role - I developed the concept and designed the user interaction for Sound Tent. I also led the fabrication and worked with Brandon Newberg to develop the Arduino code.

Fall 2017. Electronic components were created using Arduino Uno, Korg NX5R, RGB LEDs, MPR121 (capacitive breakout), speakers, buttons, and potentiometers. The tent enclosure was made with fabric, rope, and wood.

Systems Diagram
Breadboard prototype
Makeshift under the table prototype user testing in progress
User testing the prototype interface
Full size cardboard interface mockup
Putting together the final interface
Final installation in progress